• Melissa Berg  •  Producer / Writer
    Melissa Creative storytelling is my passion. Whether it’s to write fun commercial spots, promote a new brand, or produce content for children’s television, it’s exciting to bring your story from script to screen. Whoever your audience, whatever your goals, I’d love to help make your vision come to life.
  • Katelyn Douglass  •  Marketing Coordinator
    Katelyn I fill my life with as many creative outlets as possible: Improv, artistic performance, and even my own Etsy shop. So I love that with my work here at Plum, I'm surrounded by creativity. I get to be the first step on your journey to making something fresh and exciting.
  • Rick Gorge  •  Editor / Motion Graphics Artist
    Rick - Web Pic I’ve always found creativity to be rewarding, and since the 7th grade have been making animations. For clients, I start with their logo and brand guidelines, then create fresh designs for their feedback. My job is to use visuals to promote your brand’s image and make your message powerful and memorable.
  • Selene Plum  •  Set, Prop & Wardrobe Stylist
    People-Sally I am a graduate of the School of the Art Institute and a working artist in oils and encaustics. When the script calls for set pieces or wardrobe, I want to bring that artistic touch to the shots. I work with the director and the ad agency to develop a color palette and create an environment that fits the characters and the vision of the story.
  • Tim Plum  •  Executive Director
    Tim After nearly 30 years in the business, I’m pretty much retired from shooting and production. I focus on our brand promise, “Good People Making Great Video,” and I hire the absolute best people. I’ve been very fortunate to have assembled this wonderfully talented team, all working together toward one goal . . . making you completely happy.
  • Chris Sato  •  Director / Editor
    people-chris It's an amazing time to be in the video industry! It's constantly evolving with new tools and new techniques. I love to take inspiration from everything going on in the world and create something fresh and exciting. When your video is innovative, your audience is more engaged.
  • John Sundholm  •  Producer / Writer
    John I’ve been all around this industry: In front of the camera, behind the camera, in the editing room, as well as a creative in advertising. I love how video tells stories with light and color, voices and music, drama and empathy. With this extremely talented team, I can help you use video to build your brand.